In our families, Wine has been the central reason for adventure and progress. Emigrating in the late 1800’s from traditional wine producing countries like France (Bordeaux and Toulouse), Italy (Piedmont) and Spain, our families disembarked to Chile and Argentina in search of happiness and prosperity doing what was in their blood: producing wine. Today, this is still the reason why six friends from Argentina and Chile have come together to produce a top class Malbec out of La Consulta in the Uco Valley of Mendoza. We want celebrate wine with our loved ones and to make a toast to the pioneering spirit of our ancestors.

Now, participating in the more than 500 years of South American winemaking tradition, we combined our families who are still blinded and seduced by the dream of making the perfect wine. Despite our pedigree, we are convinced of one thing: we still have a lot to learn.